Kyankwanzi water Project

Kyankwanzi water Project

We carried out a Baseline survey in Kyankwanzi district which revealed severe lack of access to clean and safe water in the area. Kyankwanzi is a rural district located 150km West of Kampala, lying in the dry belt of Uganda also known as the Cattle Corridor. Accelerated climate changes in the area characterized by unpredictable rainfall patterns resulted into water stress affecting the population of both crop farmers and cattle keepers.

The people in the area depended on muddy, algae filled open wells and ponds left behind by sand mining in the area. The lack of access to clean and safe water led people to collect water for domestic consumption from the very sources where cattle drink. Lack of portable water compromised sanitation and hygiene in homes and in schools resulting into increased occurrence of water borne diseases like diarrhoea.

Women and children walked between 2-5km or more to collect water from the community contaminated ponds. Vulnerable persons like the elderly, widows and physically the handicapped continuously found it hard to have access to clean and safe water and proper sanitation.

To address the above challenges, in conjunction with Kyankwanzi District Local Government through The Kyankwanzi Water Project, we constructed twenty five (25) boreholes and shallow wells in the district, mobilized, trained and sensitized communities on proper sanitation and hygiene practices, and operation and maintenance of point water sources.

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