Brian tells his story to founding this charity

“The Vision for EDOU or the “Dream” as I prefer call it was born out of my real-life experiences. Growing up in a poverty-stricken home where access to basic necessities of life was difficult, I knew the realities of poverty and thus became highly passionate about making a real difference in the lives of people. Orphaned at 10 and brought up by my peasant grandmother, I nearly dropped out of school when she could afford no more the cost of my education. Along this difficult journey, however, I met Good Samaritans who held my hand up. Thanks to their support through school, I became the first graduate on my village in 2007! I had got an education, at least the first degree, but there was something, something within me. I wanted to do something that would make a real difference in the lives of people. My journey of grace had made me understand everyone needs a hand extended to them so they could realize their dreams. I conceived a Dream. It was a joyful burden Click here to learn more God had put on my heart – joyful because the thought of transforming lives of people was pleasant to the mind yet a burden because I didn’t know how it would turn into a life-transforming reality. I was more or less like the people I wanted to assist, with no means of reaching out to them. “Lord, how possible can I do this when I am not any better?” I petitioned. God told me to use what I had. A pen and paper I had. So like Habakkuk, I wrote down my Dream. EDOU would be born.

My dream, my legacy
Years from now, I envision it said there was a young man who harboured a dream. He came from a very impoverished family, nearly dropped out of school, but refused to be derided by his past. Instead his difficult childhood became a springboard for success. He knew getting an education doesn’t only unlock people’s potential but their dreams. He believed every girl has dreams and every woman the power to impact this world tremendously. After selling his piece of land, Brian, established what became a very successful scholarship scheme, the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund. It was the first Scholarship scheme in Africa for survivors of gender based violence and teenage mothers. Scholarships were also awarded to other vulnerable groups children and youth, they who would otherwise have no hope of attaining an education.

Brian advocated for girls and women rights and assisted many overcome poignant experiences of domestic violence and other forms of GBV, and he actively got involved in economic empowerment projects for women. His work benefited thousands of young people, poor people.

Today, many of them are lawyers, some human rights lawyers defending the poor and the voiceless in courts of law. Others are IT specialists, health workers and innovators revolutionizing the science world. Others are politicians and community leaders, businessmen and women, pastors and priests drawing souls to God. And perhaps more importantly, many are living a principle they learnt from Brian, the humility of serving others. They have established own initiatives in education, health, social business enterprises. They are impacting communities in multiple ways. They themselves are transforming lives.