EDOU Founder featured on Uganda’s “Top 40 Men Under 40” list

November, 2016
Kampala, Uganda

Two months after he got global recognition in New York, U.S. as a 2016 winner of the “120 Under 40: New Generation of Family Planning Leaders” global contest, Brian Mutebi, the EDOU’s Founder and Executive Director, has been featured on the 2016 Uganda’s “Top 40 Men Under 40” list. It is an annual project run by the country’s leading daily, the New Vision.

Brian made it to the country’s top list of young talents for his inspiring work in supporting girls’ education through the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund, the first scholarship scheme in Africa for survivors of gender based violence and teenage mothers, and extensive writing and advocacy for girls’ health and rights.

“These are young role models, in their 40s and below, who are achieving great things in their careers,” the Paper stated. “We want other young people to learn from and look up to them.” Brian was featured along with 39 outstanding individuals in various fields including medicine, engineering, business and finance, civil society, music and entertainment, politics and governance.

“It is a humbling experience for a man to be recognised for championing the rights and wellbeing of girls,” Brian said. “This is not an achievement for me as an individual but a milestone for EDOU and reason to believe for the girls we have got opportunity to empower.”

This is another honour for Brian, a girls’ rights campaigner also featuring on Women Deliver global list of “15 journalists, 15 voices for girls and women”. The Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund has benefited 27 primary, secondary and university students. In 2015, the first university scholarship was awarded to a GBV survivor to study a Bachelor of Laws at Makerere University Kampala. We congratulate and thank you, Brian for your exemplary and inspirational leadership.