We have asked Melinda Gates to become our Noble Ambassador

May, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

At the ongoing 4th Women Deliver Global Conference, we have had a round-table meeting with Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Melinda talked about the inspirations for her charitable work of assisting particularly women and girls pull themselves out of poverty. She also outlined what she wants to see happen in this era of the Sustainable Development Goals with particular emphasis on closing the gender data gap in the next 3 years.

Brian was one of the few delegates invited for a roundtable discussion with Melinda. At the meeting, Brian made a passionate appeal while making a presentation about our work for girls in Uganda where he formally asked Melinda to become Noble Ambassador for the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund. “You are an inspiration to the world; your service to girls and women is honourable,” Brian stated. “These are values we share... my request to you is to support my dream. Together we can mobilise the world, connect willing hearts to the areas of practical need and deliver for thousands of girls.”

Melinda, who was happy to hear about our work, promised to read our profile. “I will read it on the plane,” she said.