Won grant to tell stories of East African men defying gender stereotypes

Brussels, Belgium
May, 2017

We are part of the team of East African and British journalists, gender activists and film makers who won a $20,000 reporting grant from the European Journalism Centre for the project “East Africa’s Big Men”. We are going to use multimedia platforms to tell character-led stories of men in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda who are defying gender stereotypes or advancing women empowerment.

The project will examine masculinity and its effect on gender development, from men who have dedicated their lives to women’s rights, to those who have been forced to rethink their machoism. Comparing and contrasting Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya’s religious, ethnic and institutional approaches to gender, we ask deep questions about what it means to be a ‘big man’.

The stories will include Husbands in the shadow of Rwanda’s female MPs, Uganda army generals leading reforms in the police force, Redefining masculinity inside Kenya’s prisons and East African pastors going against the Christian patriarchy.

We shall publish in the UK, France and across East Africa.