The Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund

“My journey of grace had made me understand that everyone needs a hand extended to them so they could realise their dreams. Convinced that education is the key to transforming lives, I sold my land and established the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund.”

Built a House for Orphans

“For the first time we are going to sleep in a house,” Francis Ssekatawa, 14, said upon entering the house built for them. The boys were abandoned by their father in a dilapidated makeshift structure after the death of their mother. Our mission is to transform lives

A Garment of Praise instead of a spirit of Despair

“I had lost all hope. I Knew that my mother could not afford to pay for my university education. My dreams of becoming a lawyer were all but gone until I got the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship. I have never been so excited. Now I am a lawyer”

Let Girls Be Girls

Unprecedented numbers of teenage pregnancies and child marriages have occurred in our country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of schools. That robs them of their childhood and future. Our message is that Let Girls Be Girls. First things first, Books before Babies.

100 Most Influential Young Africans

For his endearing efforts in providing access to education for the children of the poor and extensive writing and advocacy for the rights and wellbeing of girls and women, Brian was named on the 2018 Africa’s list of 100 Most Influential Young Africans.



Education & Development Opportunity – Uganda (EDOU) is a charity incorporated and operating in Uganda since 2009. We provide access to education to orphaned and vulnerable young people mainly girls through education scholarships, improve the health and wellbeing of the youth through access to information, training, and capacity building; and empower and advocate for the wellbeing of girls and women.

Our Core Purpose–the reason for our existence–is to Transform Lives. We pay particular attention to girls because, despite the gains over the last decades, significant barriers such as poverty, early marriages, cultural and social practices, gender biases, and unsafe or unwelcoming learning environments continue to inhibit girls from enrolling in school at all levels and reaching pivotal learning milestones. In Uganda, one in four girls aged 15-19 is either pregnant or had a baby. Only one in 10 is able to return to school after giving birth but married underage where they face risks of domestic violence.

Our work is deeply rooted in our strong conviction in serving humanity. We take up the case of strangers. We are a father to the fatherless. We answer them who called and none answered. We make a widow’s heart sing. Our Core Purpose – the importance we attach to our work – our unwavering motivation – our soul – is that we exist to transform lives of the vulnerable persons so that no one is left behind.

Our Core values–our enduring tenets, the timeless guiding principles with intrinsic value to our existence–are Integrity, Nurturing dreams, and Dignity of persons. Our Aspiration is to become the Apple of the Nonprofit Industry in Africa.

Current Projects

Schools and Apprenticeship Scholarships

The Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to girls at-risk of child marriage, survivors of violence, and orphans in primary and secondary schools. We pay particular .../Read More.

The Girls Dream Labs

The Girls Dream Labs are townhall training .../Read More.

University Dream Scholarships

The Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund awards university scholarships to orphaned and vulnerable girls and boys, they who otherwise have no hope of attaining university .../Read More.

Latest News & Blogs

What we mean when we say we transform lives

In December, we shall make 12 years of making a difference in Uganda. Our mission is to transform lives. When we say we transform lives, this is what we mean: My life got ignited “My name is Vastine Christine .../Read More.

“Now I know; I know I can dream again”

On December 15, 2020, we held our first Girls Dreams Lab under the 25 Girls Project. The Girls Dreams Labs activate agency and bring about girls who are aware of their environment, and can envision, design, create .../Read More.

Get Involved

Get Involved; Be our Partner

We seek Partners and Ambassadors in individuals and institutions to share in our Dream of transforming lives in Uganda. A Partner is he who donates to the Fund through which scholarships are awarded and social action work is facilitated. Ambassadors share this cause with people in their networks and urges them to support our work. Ambassadors connect willing hearts to the area of practical need.

We seek Partners and Ambassadors in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, France, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Georgia, Portugal, Luxemburg, South Korea and Japan

Come, let's transform lives together!


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