AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative

In 2017, we were one of the youth organisations in Africa that took part in the 4th AU-EU Youth Summit in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, that developed the Abidjan Youth Declaration and the consequent AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative (YPII) that worked in Brussels, Belgium and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The outcome of YPII was the Youth Agenda, which together with the Youth Summit Declaration was endorsed by Heads of State and Governments from Africa and Europe.

The Agenda had 6 clusters of Education and skills; Business, job creation and entrepreneurship; Governance, political and democratic inclusion and activism; Environmental and Climate change; Peace and security; and Culture, sports and arts. At YPII, we were credited for leading the development of the concept for the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) to facilitate access to and completion of primary and secondary education for all children especially in rural Africa. It’s an incentive-based initiative, integrated with gender and girls’ rights practices envisaged to identify and support schools in remote and hard-to-reach areas making efforts to attract and retain students, especially girls, in school.

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We seek Partners and Ambassadors in individuals and institutions to share in our Dream of transforming lives in Uganda. A Partner is he who donates to the Fund through which scholarships are awarded and social action work is facilitated. Ambassadors share this cause with people in their networks and urges them to support our work. Ambassadors connect willing hearts to the area of practical need.

We seek Partners and Ambassadors in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, France, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Georgia, Portugal, Luxemburg, South Korea and Japan

Come, let's transform lives together!


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