Built a House for Orphans

We fundraised and built a house for helpless orphans. Livingstone Ssempebwa and Francis Ssekatawa had been abandoned by their father after the death of their mother. She was pregnant and her husband battered her, had a miscarriage and died from her injuries. After her death, the man got married to another woman leaving the boys helpless in a dilapidated house. The house was soon collapsing on them. We amplified their voice and secured a partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, one of the British major banks operating in Uganda, and built a house for them. We did not only provide them with a shelter over their heads, but supported their economic livelihoods.

Get Involved

Get Involved; Be our Partner

We seek Partners and Ambassadors in individuals and institutions to share in our Dream of transforming lives in Uganda. A Partner is he who donates to the Fund through which scholarships are awarded and social action work is facilitated. Ambassadors share this cause with people in their networks and urges them to support our work. Ambassadors connect willing hearts to the area of practical need.

We seek Partners and Ambassadors in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, France, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Georgia, Portugal, Luxemburg, South Korea and Japan

Come, let's transform lives together!


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